Success Story: Wyoming Home & Ranch

RockSolid™ Helps Keep Retailer Moving in the Right Direction

Doreen Shellady, Co-owner

Ask Doreen Shellady, co-owner of Wyoming Home & Ranch True Value in Cody, Wyoming, what she likes most about the RockSolid POS system from ECi Software Solutions and her answer has very little to do with any technology bells and whistles. “RockSolid lets me sleep at night and that’s a very good thing,” she says with a wry smile.

Life at the store she operates with her husband Pat didn’t use to be quite so restful. When she and Pat opened the 15,000 sq. ft. True Value store three years ago, they started with a different software package and it was a nightmare.

“It was not remotely user-friendly and the service and support were non-existent,” she recalls. “We would call for support and literally have to wait days or even weeks for a response.”

After a year of trying to run the business in spite of their software, the Shelladys went looking for a better choice. After researching several different systems and talking to a number of other hardware store owners and operators, they found what they were looking for in RockSolid.

Other hardware dealers recommended RockSolid

“Once I saw what RockSolid could do and talked to their people, it really was a no-brainer,” says Doreen. “It was very user-friendly and cost about $10,000 less than the software we started with.”

Fast forward to today and the nightmare of that first year is just a distant memory. “RockSolid is so easy to use for our sales people and it’s given us so much more control of our inventory,” Doreen explains.

Wyoming Home & Ranch offers the standard hardware store mix but it also has a sizable garden center and a home décor department and carries an extensive animal feed and supplies assortment. RockSolid, says Doreen, has no problem handling such a diverse product mix.

“RockSolid works well, both with True Value and our other vendors, and it does an excellent job of showing us what’s selling and what isn’t selling,” she says. “Receiving is much better than with our old system and RockSolid’s reporting capabilities give me the bandwidth to extract data that I need to make good decisions about my business.”

And she points out, getting that data with RockSolid is so much easier than before switching systems. “When we did our year-end with our old system, it took somewhere in the region of 3-4 hours to get what we needed,” she remembers. “With RockSolid, we got it all in less than 30 minutes and the information provided invaluable guidance for the next year’s budgeting and vendor selection.”

It’s easy to provide excellent customer service using RockSolid

RockSolid has also proven a valuable resource on the customer service front, she adds. “We can get people through the cash register so much faster with RockSolid and it also made it easier for us to track things like refunds.”

Doreen also gives the RockSolid team kudos for the training and technical support they provide. “They did an excellent job of training my management team so that we have been able to use the system from Day One with confidence and very little assistance,” she explains.

She adds, the conversion itself could not have gone smoother. “We started at 6:00am on a Monday morning and by 11:30am, we were fully live and operational on the system and with no glitches,” she reports happily.

“RockSolid has really been a perfect fit for us,” says Doreen. “Technology is what drives any business and the technology RockSolid gives us is driving us in the right direction on many different levels.”