Success Story: Toccoa Rentals & Sales True Value

Switch to RockSolid Brings Big Time Savings, Greater Ease of Use

The staff at Toccoa Rentals

When Toccoa Rental& Sales True Value converted from Epicor to RockSolid in July 2015, it wasn’t exactly a hard call for them to make. 

Their Epicor system was seven years old and running on a Windows XP platform that Microsoft was no longer supporting. In addition, the store was getting ready to switch to chip-based credit cards and the Epicor readers they were using would not be able to process them. 

It was time either to upgrade their existing Epicor system or move to a new platform. And, recalls Toccoa Rentals’ Steve Dessauer, once the team started looking at the options, it soon became clear there was really only one decision that made sense: moving the business over to RockSolid. 

RockSolid would allow them to be EMV compliant 

Toccoa Rentals is not a large operation by any means. Located in northeast Georgia about a 90-mile drive from Atlanta, it serves a small town with a population of just under 10,000 that’s nestled in the foothills of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. 

But if the business had any thought of staying with its existing software provider, it would need to start finding some major new revenue streams and quickly! “We started talking to Epicor about moving off XP and getting ready for EMV credit cards and they wanted $27,000 just for the upgrade, plus another $1,000-a-piece for card readers,” Steve recalls. 

That alone was enough motivation to ask RockSolid for a quote and what they came up with was significantly less expensive. “RockSolid gave us an all-new system for $7,000 less than Epicor wanted for an upgrade and the RockSolid price included two card readers as well as all-new cash drawers,” says Steve. 

And that was just the initial cost savings! With Epicor, the Toccoa Rentals team had been paying about $1,000 a month in service fees, according to Steve. After making the switch to RockSolid, the store’s monthly service fee dropped significantly and the level of service actually improved! 

Responsive tech support 

“RockSolid provides excellent phone support and training,” says Gatha Littleton, a hardware industry veteran with more than 25 years’ experience, who works with Steve at Toccoa Rentals. “After we went live, we only needed to make a couple of calls anyway, but both times, the RockSolid technical support people were very responsive.” 

And just as impressive, Gatha reports, when Toccoa Rentals made the switch, it all went seamlessly and they didn’t lose an hour’s worth of sales. 

It’s still early days for Steve, Gatha and the rest of the team at Toccoa Rentals and they’re still learning the software but, they say, RockSolid is already making an important contribution both to the store’s overall productivity and its bottom-line profitability. 

“RockSolid is perfect for a store like ours!” 

“It took less than two hours playing with the system to see that switching from Epicor to RockSolid was an absolute no-brainer for us,” recalls Steve. “RockSolid is software for hardware stores that’s clearly been designed by hardware industry people,” he says. 

“It’s easier to use than Epicor, it moves people through the checkout much faster, it interfaces seamlessly with True Value and it’s far more flexible when it comes to adding items or customizing reports. For a store like ours, RockSolid is just what we need and it gives it to us for a whole lot less!”