Success Story: Loa Builders Supply

RockSolid POS Is a Very Good Value for Us!

Loa Do it Best

In the spring of 2012, Greg Pace was facing a problem. 

He was just a few months away from opening a second location for Loa Builders Supply, the hardware store in Loa, Utah, his family had owned for more than 30 years. But he knew that staying with his existing business system was simply out of the question. If he did, he would essentially double the monthly support fees he was paying and that was just not possible. 

It was time to move to a different system. Greg went looking for a new technology partner and, after evaluating several different options, he settled on the RockSolid POS system from ECi Software Solutions. 

“There were several reasons why RockSolid made sense for our business,” Greg recalls. “We’re a Do it Best store and we liked the affiliation with Do it Best and the way it integrated seamlessly with their system. We also liked all the functionality that came with RockSolid.” 

But what really got his attention were the dollars and cents. “With our previous system we were paying $900 a month for support and facing the prospect of seeing that double when we opened a second location,” Greg explains. “With RockSolid, we’re paying less per month for two stores than we were for one!” 

RockSolid was an easy switch

Even with the prospect of cost savings on that scale, bringing in a new computer system can still be a high-stress move but, says Greg, the switch to RockSolid could not have gone more smoothly. 

“The amount of information they were able to transfer over—like sales history and product history—was very impressive,” he reports. “I set up the new servers and workstations after we closed one Saturday, they grabbed the information they needed from the old machine, downloaded it into the new system and we were up and running and making sales on Monday morning. And they did it all remotely!” 

Even though the team at Loa runs the gamut from aging baby-boomers to Millennials, they all found it remarkably easy to learn the new system. “RockSolid is a very intuitive system and it took us all—including my parents who are still working in the store—just a few hours to get comfortable with it,” Greg reports. 

And once RockSolid went live, it started generating significant new benefits on multiple levels pretty much from day one. 

RockSolid has made every aspect of business easier to manage

“Because of the way it works so well with Do it Best, I’m doing a much better job of staying on top of price changes since we switched to RockSolid,” he says. “The search function at the point of sale is faster and easier and we can take debit cards now, which we couldn’t do with the old system.” 

Printing bin labels is also far easier than it used to be and while Greg’s old system also came with handheld units, the ones from RockSolid are a lot more useful. “Before we switched to RockSolid, the only thing we could do with handhelds was receive deliveries,” Greg points out. “Now, I can still receive with the handheld, but I can also check inventory and pricing. RockSolid’s handheld is an awesome tool!” 

Loa Builders Supply recent beefed up its rental business and, says Greg, that’s one more area where RockSolid shines. 

“RockSolid makes it very easy to track the cost of your rental merchandise and how often it goes out and determine your basic return on investment from that side of the business,” he says. “It’s a very nice addition for a growing part of our company.” 

Expanding to two locations was a breeze

Also earning kudos is the system’s ability to handle multiple locations. Greg opened a second store just four months after going live and, says Greg, RockSolid has proved more than able to manage the expansion. 

“Adding a second location to the system was very easy,” he says happily. “All they had to do was get on my existing system and copy my inventory and customer information into the new system. That way, all my numbers matched up so making stock queries and transferring items from store to store works very well.” 

Excellent tech support

And if all that wasn’t enough, Greg says he’s also enjoying much better technical support and service since switching to RockSolid. 

“It’s a computer, after all, and you’re going to have technical problems from time to time,” he admits. “But we haven’t had too many issues and when we have called, the response has been excellent.” 

Technical support before the switch to RockSolid may have cost a lot more but the level of service was certainly not as good, he says. “I really like the response time and the quality of people that I get to talk to with RockSolid. And the fact that RockSolid is constantly improving the program is a big plus.”

It’s been less than a year since Greg and his team made the switch to RockSolid and he’s the first to admit they’re still learning the system. But it’s made life a whole lot easier in many different areas and helped bring valuable new dollars to the bottom line. 

“It’s easy to use and what you get for what you pay is very good,” he says. “It’s very good value for us, both in terms of the system and the ongoing service and technical support.”