Success Story: Kurt's Ace Hardware

RockSolid Puts a Smile on the Face and Extra Money in the Bank

Kurt's of Dolton Hardware 
Kurt's of Dolton Hardware

After close to 30 years in the hardware business, Kurt Staehlin pretty much knows what he wants from a computer system. “All I’m looking for is a tool to help me keep track of the basics of my business,” he says. “I don’t want to pay for a lot of frills and functions I don’t need, I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time and effort learning how it works and I definitely don’t want a system that comes with a hefty price tag and monthly maintenance fees that soak up my profits.” 

The good news for Kurt and his team at Kurt's Hardware of Dolton, an Ace Hardware operation just outside of Chicago, is that since switching to ECi RockSolid POS, they’ve got just what the doctor ordered! 

Prior to making the change, Kurt had been running his business on an Epicor system. But, says Kurt, it was already five years old, the system was running slow, and the handheld unit that came with it never really worked properly. Epicor’s solution was to replace the equipment. When Kurt was hit with another increase in the monthly maintenance fee at the end of 2012, he knew it was time for a change. 

Kurt was good friends with a couple of nearby hardware store owners who were already using RockSolid and he asked them what they thought of it. 

“They told me RockSolid would do what I needed it to do to keep track of my inventory, take care of the billing and handle all the rest of the basics,” he says. “And when I looked at the pricing on RockSolid versus Epicor, the decision got very easy.” 

How easy? Put it this way: Kurt was able to get the computing power he needed from RockSolid and pay for it all with just two year’s worth of savings from the lower maintenance and support fees that came with the switch! 

Plus, he reports, features like a handheld unit to spot check inventory and the ability to email monthly statements—both of which were costly add-ons with Epicor—came standard with the RockSolid package. 

It had been a while since Kurt had changed computer systems but the memories of the last time he switched were still painfully fresh. “When we converted to Epicor, it took us a full week before we were able to place our first order,” he recalls. “I wasn’t looking forward to a repeat of that but we needed to change and RockSolid was the logical choice.” 

Fortunately, however, the conversion to RockSolid went a whole lot smoother. “We went live on RockSolid on April 1 and on April 2, I sent my first order,” Kurt reports happily. “All our data came over just fine, our first emailed statement went out without a hitch at the end of the month and our customers love it!” 

Kurt and his team are also big RockSolid fans. “I’m a hardware guy, not a computer guy and I have to say that RockSolid has certainly exceeded my expectations,” he proclaims. 

“RockSolid is very logical and intuitive and we didn’t need a lot of training to put it to work. With RockSolid, it’s also a whole lot faster and easier to get information than it was with our previous system and that’s been a big plus, both for our cashiers and our customers.” 

And even better in these challenging times, Kurt is finding the IT side of his business a lot less expensive. “RockSolid is doing everything it’s supposed to do and generating some very nice savings at the same time,” he says. 

“It’s freed up money from the computer side of the business that I can now spend on other, more productive things. The switch to RockSolid has worked out well for me and my business and I’m very happy.”