Success Story: Bethel True Value

Growth and Profitability Are on a Firm Platform with RockSolid

Bethel True Value
Ryan Clifford

Ryan Clifford has got hardware in his DNA. His family has been involved in the industry one way or another for more than a century, so when the opportunity came up in 2007 to open a True Value operation with his father, Bill, and brother, Shawn, he seized it with both hands.

The location—a former CVS drugstore in Bethel, Connecticut—offered plenty of potential—some 9,500 sq. ft. of retail space in a prosperous community with low unemployment and household income nearly 40% above the national average.

But Ryan knew that he and the rest of the team would have to bring their best game to succeed. Competition would be fierce and as a start up, there would be little margin for error.

One of his first challenges: making the right technology decision

“We knew we had to be frugal when it came to investing in a computer system but we also knew we needed to get it right the first time,” Ryan recalls. “We wanted a system that would give us the information we needed to run the business without requiring a degree in computer programming and at a price that made sense for our limited budget.”

Before opening in Bethel, the Cliffords had owned stores, using other systems besides RockSolid, but it had not been a very positive experience.

“We found other POS systems to be very expensive and not very user-friendly,” Ryan remembers. “And as we talked with other True Value dealers and saw how the True Value organization was looking increasingly at RockSolid as its go-forward system of choice, the decision became very straightforward.”

Bethel True Value went live on RockSolid in the summer of 2007 and, says Ryan, it was one of the best decisions they made for their new operation.

Easy implementation, easy to learn

“Implementing RockSolid went very smoothly,” he reports. “We got excellent technical support, the hardware was all pretty much plug-and-play and after just a couple of phone calls, we were ready to go live with the software.”

And once the system was up and running, Ryan and his team found it delivered just about everything as promised and then some!

“RockSolid is a very simple, intuitive program and it’s very user friendly,” Ryan explains. “There was plenty of training available and our people picked it up very quickly.”

The price was right, too. “RockSolid cost us about half of what we would have had to pay with other systems and that was just the initial savings,” says Clifford.

But, he warns, don’t let a relatively low price tag fool you. “RockSolid’s low price doesn’t mean it’s a cheap product,” he contends. “And over the past five years, we’ve found RockSolid offers outstanding value.”

Ryan gives particularly high grades to RockSolid’s reporting capabilities. “With RockSolid, you can run a report on just about any aspect of a hardware business,” he says.

Reports on individual customer history, inventory tracking, aging on accounts receivables and daily sales all come standard with the system and in addition, Ryan says RockSolid’s custom reporting capabilities make it easy to meet any needs that go beyond the basic set. “RockSolid gives you a lot of different choices and it’s very easy to tweak a report to get what you need,” he points out.

A commitment to continual improvement

And for those rare cases where outside help is needed, the RockSolid technical support team is there to serve as a reliable, responsive resource.

“We’ve found the entire RockSolid organization to be very easy to work with,” says Ryan. “It feels like RockSolid has a vested interest in our business and really wants us to succeed, instead of just trying to sell us as much hardware and software as possible.”

Also earning kudos from the Clifford team is RockSolid’s commitment to continuous improvement. “Technology is always changing and the RockSolid team is constantly working to bring us upgrades and enhancements,” he reports happily.

Ryan and his team recently started using Remote Server Backup and, he says, it has given an additional level of security now that he has both a thumb drive back-up and a back-up at a remote location offsite.

As he looks back over the past five years and the way RockSolid has supported his store’s growth, Ryan Clifford is a very satisfied customer.

“The great thing about RockSolid and the RockSolid team is that they really do work with you,” he says. “There’s a constant dialog and whenever there are issues, they listen and they fix them. We’re a company that prides itself on customer service and it’s just a very good feeling to know that in RockSolid, we have a technology partner who’s just as service-oriented about taking care of their customers as we are.”