What is the Cloud?

Basically, cloud computing is nothing more than storing and accessing data—and programs—over the internet rather than on a computer's hard drive. Think about the social media platforms and email service that you use—they're not stored on your computer, you access them over the internet. A cloud-based solution is hosted on the provider's server and maintained and updated by them as well. 

Why should you consider a cloud-based business system? In short, because software should be easy to set up, access, use and maintain. With a cloud-based system you get:

What you don't get:

The beauty of cloud-based business systems is that they are simple to use and don't require a large upfront investment. This allows you to use your time and money more efficiently to grow your business rather than maintaining software and servicing equipment. 

Cloud-based systems have brought a new level of opportunity to small and medium-sized businesses. It's the new frontier in business management and its potential is just beginning to be tapped. Cloud computing is just one step in future-proofing your business and the benefits will only increase.