RockSolid MAX™ AnyWare™

Take your business with you wherever you go

In our fast paced economy, almost every business has gone mobile and the LBMH industry is no different. Today’s most efficient and successful business owners have one thing in common: they’ve found a way to manage their business on-the-go.

RockSolid MAX™ AnyWare™ is a mobile application that integrates with your existing system and gives you complete control over your business from your mobile device. For use with Android™, AnyWare allows you to take your RockSolid MAX system and your business with you. Business owners can access up-to-date information and create customer orders from anywhere, whether they’re in the store or out in the field. Additionally, AnyWare gives you complete control over processing orders, getting signatures and updating status using your mobile phone.

With AnyWare, RockSolid MAX users can: