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RockSolid MAX™ Software: an all-new, innovative business management solution for hardware dealers

RockSolid MAX is a cloud-based solution which means it reduces upfront fees and server/software maintenance and is easily scalable as your business grows. In addition to the updated platform, RockSolid MAX includes:

  • end-to-end document management
  • mobile connectivity
  • unit-of-measure conversion
  • special order handling
  • quote to order
  • and much more

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Customer Testimonial

“RockSolid MAX has been a good fit for us and I would certainly recommend it for other hardware stores like ours.”

Ralph Beisler

Customer Testimonial

“The business is running so much more productively today thanks to RockSolid MAX."

C.R. Moltich

Customer Testimonial

“Because of the way it works so well with Do it Best, I’m doing a much better job of staying on top of price changes since we switched to RockSolid."

Greg Pace, Owner

Customer Testimonial

“None of us are computer geniuses but with RockSolid, we don’t have to be. It’s easy to learn, easy to use and it’s generating a huge amount of savings.”

Jeff Kaptein, Owner

Customer Testimonial

“With RockSolid, it’s also a whole lot faster and easier to get information than it was with our previous system and that’s been a big plus, both for our cashiers and our customers.”

Kurt Staehlin

Customer Testimonial

"It was clear right away that RockSolid was a very cost-effective solution that just about any small business could afford.”

Susan Kesel, Owner

Customer Testimonial

"You can analyze your inventory just about any way you like and with RockSolid, we have a level of confidence in our numbers that we simply did not have before.”

Linda Cottin, Owner

Customer Testimonial

“I knew RockSolid was going to save us money, but I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by some of the other benefits it has generated."

Jeff Powers, Owner

Customer Testimonial

“RockSolid works well, both with True Value and our other vendors, and it does an excellent job of showing us what’s selling and what isn’t selling."

Doreen Shellady, Co-owner

Customer Testimonial

“RockSolid is software for hardware stores that’s clearly been designed by hardware industry people."

Steve Dessauer

Customer Testimonial

"By the time we finished the training and went live on RockSolid, it felt like we’d been using it forever!"

Cindy Dawson, Owner

Customer Testimonial

“RockSolid not only cost us a whole lot less than we were used to, it also gave us the opportunity to boost our productivity in some key areas."

Karl Scamman

Customer Testimonial

“RockSolid has helped us tighten up the information stream on the business and that’s been a big plus."

John Scharch

Customer Testimonial

“RockSolid could give us everything we need and I really liked the user interface. It was very intuitive and a lot easier to use than anything else we looked at.”

George Meyerson, Jr.

Customer Testimonial

"As we talked with other True Value dealers and saw how the True Value organization was looking increasingly at RockSolid as its go-forward system of choice, the decision became very straightforward.”

Ryan Clifford, Owner

Customer Testimonial

"RockSolid has really improved our efficiency when it comes to getting people in and out of the store with what they need and the accuracy is so much better.”

Tommy Bryant, Owner

Customer Testimonial

RockSolid was the only system we saw that seemed to be designed by people who really understood the hardware business.

DeWayne Walters

Customer Testimonial

“The price was right, the other hardware store owners I talked to who were already on RockSolid had nothing but good things to say about the system."

Brad Clark, Owner

Customer Testimonial

"With RockSolid, we not only know what we have in stock, but the program also provides a description, gives us cost and retail pricing and tells us where it should be located!”

Anita White

Customer Testimonial

“RockSolid gives me what I need to know about my business when I need to know it and I don’t have to be a computer programmer to get it.”

Gilman Burgess, President

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